Corporate Social Responsibility as it ought to be

 As a Corporate Advisory, it goes without question that we are committed to conducting business in accordance with established best practices in each of the countries we operate in. Inherent in this objective is living up to the principles that best serve our clients, business partners, employees and at-large stakeholders.

In lieu of making a ‘big show’ of externals—building playgrounds, sponsoring fundraisers or boasting of commitments to environmental sustainability—our mission in corporate responsibility is to provide services and solutions that position our clients to be innately socially responsible in the course of their business. Included in this is the pursuit of business strategies that contribute to social development by aligning corporate incentives with social and environmental goals serving the public interest.

What we are talking about is paying employees fair wages, providing them with adequate health care and avoiding or ceasing activities destructive to the common good of society; it’s about working with clients to evolve beyond operating in an overly insular fashion, and foster outward creative thinking on how to solve problems by sharing knowledge and resources across sectors; it’s about identifying the costs, both literal and figurative, corporations transfer to society, and choosing to price them into an enterprise’s business.

Most notions of outward Corporate Social Responsibility exist largely as a marketing strategy under the guise of altruistic corporate behaviour. At Horizons, we take a different, more strategically focused approach to CSR. At the end of each day, we hope to achieve outcomes whose benefits carry little fanfare but have far-reaching results for our clients and beyond.

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