We’ve got you covered at home and abroad

With globalisation making the world smaller every day, opportunities for companies to expand across borders have become increasingly attractive. Still, entering new markets, achieving corporate compliance and the protection of assets far from home comes with legal and cultural complexities that can be difficult to navigate.

To fully tend to the transnational nature of today’s corporate advisory, Horizons employs a diverse network of offices and desks in more than 30 countries that allow us to quickly and effectively serve clients with sound advice across world regions and legal systems.

Our Counsel is made up of lawyers with unique professional experience. Among them include the independent lawyers and firms who make up Horizons’ recently formed China Collaborative Group (CCG).

More than just applying themselves to the legal and financial aspects of client needs, our Counsel network helps clients address the cross-cultural nuances tied to corporate activities.

Horizons’ network of counsel professionals may be accessed through any one our three lead offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Turin. From there, we’ll match you with an advisor that can meet your specific needs. It’s all part of our ‘one team, one focal point’ approach to service.

Meet some of our Counsel lawyers.


Michiel Appelhof (Netherlands)

Lorenzo Croce (Switzerland)

Julian Cockain-Barère (France)

Jeffery Daar (USA)

Astrid Dorfmeister (Spain)

Georgios K Georgiou (Cyprus)

Fernando Hernández Gómez (Mexico)

Martin Hütte (Switzerland)

Gad Matalon (Italy)

Marianella Mora (Costa Rica)

Meggy Parengkuan (Indonesia)

Josep Mª Solsona Sancho (Spain)

Cengiz Söylemezoğlu (Turkey)

Olufemi ‘Femi’ Sunmonu (Nigeria)

Vincent Tang (Australia)

Fernando Veiga Gomes (Portugal)

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